30 mittellange Haarschnitte, die Sie vor dem Besuch eines Salons sehen sollten

Mittellange Haarschnitte, die Sie vor dem Besuch eines Salons sehen sollten

Hot Ways Of Sporting Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length haircuts are popular among women of all ages. And there are good reasons for that.

are versatile, flattering, and low maintenance. And they are feminine.
But of course, every woman has her own pool of the ideal medium length
hair cut

. Let’s see which ones will work best for you.

  • A round face. Opt for subtle waves but make sure they do not add any volume boost to the sides. Bangs swept across your forehead will cut the roundness.
  • A square face. A lob is among the best variants for you. Face-framing sides and an angled bottom can successfully soften your jawline.
  • A heart face. The perfect mid-length hairstyle will include long, angled bangs swept across your forehead, sleek sides with no volume and an angled bottom.
  • An oval face. Any hairstyle will compliment you though face-framing beach waves are among the most appealing styles.

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Stacked Medium Length Haircuts


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Eine Linie mittlerer Länge Haarschnitte picture1

Lob Haircuts Bild2

Mittellange Haarschnitte für ein quadratisches Gesicht picture3

A stacked cut, where the front tresses gradually get shorter to the back, is a nice option for modern ladies. The best thing is, such cuts give a very chic and pointed silhouette, which makes any styling idea turn into an on-point look.

Layered Medium Length Haircuts


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Überlagerte mittellange Haarschnitte picture2

Brown Layered Medium Length Haircuts #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Longbob

Messy Layered Medium Length Haircuts #MittellangenHaarschnitte #MittellangenHaarschnitte #Longbob

Layers can easily spice up your medium length haircut. Layers instantly give some volume, shape, texture, and movement to your tresses. Plus, layers can soften your facial features.

Medium Length Haircuts With Bangs


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Mittellange Frisuren mit Pony picture1

Blonde mittellange Haarschnitte mit Pony #MittellangenHaarschnitte #MittellangenHaarschnitte #Langhaarschnitt

Mittellange Frisuren mit Pony picture3

Like you add some berries to the top of your favorite ice cream, hair stylists add bangs to haircuts. Bangs are something that can complete the look and also enhance it.

Blunt Medium Haircuts


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Auburn Blunt Medium Haircuts #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Longbob

Blonde Stumpfe Mittlere Frisuren #Mittlere Frisuren #Mittlere Frisuren #Langhaarschnitt

Blunt medium length tresses appear quite bossy, which is a total turn-on. To get such a look, just apply some heat protectant and straighten your tresses, using a flat iron. Finish with hairspray.

Short To Medium Haircuts


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Kurze bis mittlere Haarschnitte picture1

Kurze bis mittlere Haarschnitte picture3

Umgekehrte kurze bis mittlere Haarschnitte #MittellangeHaarschnitte #Haarschnitte #Bobhaarschnitt

Short to medium length haircuts have a big number of perks. But the best thing about them is that they are totally low-maintenance. Sometimes a practical haircut is all we need to feel a bit happier!

Shaggy Medium Haircuts


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Messy Shaggy Medium Haircuts #MittlereLängeHaarschnitte #MittlereHaarschnitte #Langhaarschnitt

Überlagerte mittellange Haarschnitte picture1

Eine Linie mittlerer Länge Haarschnitte picture3

Whether you struggle with thin hair styling troubles or you try to tame your unruly thick locks every single morning, once you get yourself a shag, all the problems will go away. Shaggy cuts involve layering and texturizing that provide a lot of natural lift and movement to weak hair and whip heavy textures into shape.

Middle Parted Haircuts


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Mittlerer Teil Mittellange Haarschnitte für ein Herzgesicht #MittellangeHaarschnitte #MittellangeHaarschnitte #Longbob #Blondhaar

Wellige Mittelteil-Frisuren #MittellangenFrisuren #MittellangenFrisuren #Langhaar

Geschichtete, gewellte, mittellange Haarschnitte für ein rundes Gesicht

There’s no better way to make your cut work on your face shape than to part it in the center. In this way, all of your hair is brought evenly to the front, giving you a lot of room for framing.

Side Parted Haircuts


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Mittellange Haarschnitte mit Seitenscheitel für ein Herzgesicht #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Mittellangenhaar #Haarschnitte #Longbob #Lagenhaar

Wellenförmige, seitlich geteilte Frisuren #MittellangenFrisuren #MittellangenFrisuren #Langhaar

Straight Side Parted Haircuts #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Mittellangenhaarschnitte #Langhaarschnitte

Side parted cuts work ravishingly for ladies with long, slim, and pointed faces. The point is that when one of the sides outweighs the other, it gives more volume to the heavy side, thus drawing attention from a flat body and balancing out the overall look.

A-line Medium Length Haircuts


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Lob Haircuts Bild1

Eine Linie mittlerer Länge Haarschnitte picture2

Blonde A-Linie Mittellange Frisuren #MittellangenFrisuren #MittellangenFrisuren #Langhaar

If you are looking for a really hot hairstyle, then it is advisable to get an A-line haircut. Style it so that it appears tousled, and voila – your image is super sassy!

Asymmetrical Medium Length Haircuts


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Asymmetrische mittellange Haarschnitte Bild1

Asymmetrische mittellange Haarschnitte picture2

Asymmetrische mittellange Haarschnitte picture3

A professional hair stylist can add some super cool and sexy asymmetry to any hair length, and the mid-length is not an exception. Just look at these hairstyles, how edgy they are!
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