22 Fabelhafte asymmetrische Pixie-Schnitte, denen man nur schwer widerstehen kann

Fabulous Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts schwer zu widerstehen

Asymmetrical Pixie Is A Cut To Try Out At Least Once

Women are mystical creatures, and they like to change something about their appearance every now and then. Most often, we decide to opt for a new haircut when the dramatic change is required. However, this is when a lot of questions arise – should I do it, what do men think about this type of hairstyle, will it suit me, is it trendy – and so on. Admittedly, all of these issues matter that is why today we are going to answer all of them especially when it comes to an asymmetrical pixie cut. You may wonder why exactly we choose asymmetrical pixies – the truth is that this type of
pixie cut

is on the edge of popularity these days and no matter the season outside – this haircut seems to be rocking all year long. In case this is a good enough answer for you, we suggest you follow with us into the realm of amazing asymmetrical pixie style cuts journey!

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Shaggy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Long Side Bang


prozhanna via Instagram

Shaggy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut Mit Long Side Bang #asymmetricalpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #blondehair

To tell you the truth pixie cuts with bangs are the most required one, and there is no wonder why. The thing is that longer bangs are that you need to add some angles to your face and women with round face shapes know how important that is. Not to mention that a little bit of messiness grants this cut some unique charm.

Edgy Pixie With Undercut Sides


maril.rau via Instagram

Edgy Pixie With Undercut Sides #asymmetrischpixie #kurzhaar #pixiehaircut #haarschnitte #schwarzhaar

It is true that all pixies are pretty edgy because they are short. However there is a way to add some more boldness to your look. What we have in mind are the undercut sides. You do not have to go too far with the undercut, though, a few inches up and you are good to go!

Layered And Side-Swept Pixie Hair


bia_guanaes via Instagram

Layered And Side Swept Pixie Hair #asymmetrischpixie # Kurzhaar #pixiehaircut #haarschnitte #auburnhair

The best way to add some more volume to your hair is to opt for a layered cut, ladies with fine hair are probably aware of this trick already. That is why if you wish to go all way pixie style, but you are afraid you do not have enough of volume – layered pixie with swept hair will help you out!

Cropped Pixie Cut For Curly Hair


alicia_wunderbar via Instagram

Cropped Pixie Cut Für lockiges Haar #asymmetrischpixie #kurzhaar #pixiehaircut #haarschnitte #blondhaar

Very often ladies with curly hair are misled by the false consumption that pixies are for straight hair only. We are here to assure you that cropped pixies look as great on wavy hair as they do on straight, you can have a look yourself in case you do not trust us.

Textured Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs


christinaperez93 via Instagram

Textured Pixie With Side Swept Bangs #asymmetrischpixie #kurzhaar #pixiehaircut #haarschnitte #blondhaar

Despite the hair type textured pixie with some asymmetry added looks both cute and feminine. What is more, all you need to style it is a little bit of mousse – that is it.

Messy Layered Asymmetrical Pixie


jenschmierer via Instagram

Chaotisch geschichtetes asymmetrisches Pixie

The most significant advantage of asymmetrical pixie lies in its versatility. The thing is that there are literary no boundaries when it comes to styling it – you can easily pull off actually anything, and this messy pixie is the perfect example of that.

Punky Spiky Pixie Haircut


uniqueradiance via Instagram

Punky Spiky Pixie Haircut #asymmetrischpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #blondehair

If you are all in for an edgy look, then this is precisely what you need. The spiky haircut together with bold silver hair color will help fulfill the task like nothing else!

Tapered Coif Haircut With Undercut


mademoisellehenriette via Instagram

Tapered Coif Haircut With Undercut #asymmetrische Pixie #Shorthair #Pixiehaircut #Haarschnitte #Silberhaar

The beauty of this pixie haircut lies in that fact that it is both edgy and sassy, bold and elegant not to mention stylish. What is more, such a type asymmetrical pixie is considered to be one of the sexiest one by opposite sex.

Edgy Layered Pixie Cut With Long Bang


juliana.key via Instagram

Edgy Layered Pixie Cut Mit Long Bang #asymmetrische Pixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #layeredhair

Not every short pixie can look both sweet and elegant, but when you have a look at this layered one, it is easy to assume that it deals with the task perfectly fine.

Asymmetrical Pixie For Thin Black Hair


chekatilda via Instagram

Asymmetrische Pixie für dünnes schwarzes Haar #asymmetrische Pixie #Shorthair #Pixiehaircut #Haarschnitte #Blackhair

Dealing with thin hair may be problematic at times. However, with appropriately chosen pixie hairstyle all is possible. For example, this asymmetrical one grants you just enough volume to keep things stylish and good-looking!

Short Graduated Chop Pixie For Thick Hair Brunette


introverb via Instagram

Short Graduated Chop Pixie Für Dickes Haar Brunette #asymmetricalpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #blackhair

When it comes to thick hair things are not that smooth as well, because too much volume is not an option as well. That is why this graduated pixie takes away all the unnecessary volume away and leaves you with a gorgeous, sleek and fabulous pixie.

Long Asymmetrical Pixie For Wavy Hair


rayahope via Instagram

Long Asymmetrical Pixie Für Welliges Haar #asymmetricalpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #blondehair

Many women are dying to try out pixie cut but they are afraid to sacrifice all the long hair, and that is understandable. However, there is a perfect way out for those of you who want to keep some length – long asymmetrical pixie. As you can see longer pixie cut looks as fabulous as its shorter equivalent!

Long Asymmetrical Pixie For Straight Hair With Side Bangs


nadiaschmidt_ via Instagram

Long Asymmetrical Pixie Für glattes Haar Mit Seitenknallen #asymmetricalpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #auburnhair

Long pixies with bags are what you need to frame your face and hide away all the flaws while bringing our all the benefits. Besides a rusty red hair color is on the edge of popularity these days, keep that in mind!

Pixie Cut For Short Curly Hair


sarah_louwho via Instagram

Pixie Cut für kurzes lockiges Haar #asymmetricalpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #rosehair

Very often ladies with curly locks complain that short haircut is not for them. Well, ladies, as you can see such an asymmetrical cut looks gorgeous on wavy hair. What is more, cotton candy shading will spice things up, and there will be no chance to go unnoticed anywhere you are headed!

Voluminous Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Deep Side Part


puffins_wife via Instagram

Voluminöser, asymmetrischer Pixie-Schnitt mit tiefem Seitenteil

The best way to complement your short pixie hair is to add a deep side part to it. Apart from the compliments your hair will look extraordinary voluminous and to take things to the entirely new level of cool all you need is platinum blonde hair dye.

Side Parted Brown Pixie With Highlights


kaycharrison via Instagram

Side Parted Brown Pixie Mit Höhepunkten #asymmetricalpixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #brownhair

Sometimes it is easy to assume that when it comes to short hair, there is not that much room to experiment with the color. However, we are here to prove to you otherwise. Just look at this brown asymmetrical pixie haircut with marvelous highlights! There is apparently enough of room to use your imagination!

Slicked Back Long Asymmetrical Pixie


amberdodzweit via Instagram

Slicked Back Long Asymmetrische Pixie #asymmetrische Pixie #shorthair #pixiehaircut #haircuts #blackhair

In case you are afraid that your asymmetrically cut hair will get into your eyes all the time – all you need to do is to opt for a slicked back pixie. As simple as that!

Extreme Short Pixie For Curly Hair


allthingsneena via Instagram

Extreme Short Pixie Für Lockiges Haar #asymmetrischpixie #kurzhaar #pixiehaircut #haarschnitte #braunhaar

Even the shortest asymmetrical pixie will look gorgeous on all types of hair, and curly one is clearly not the exception. See for yourself!

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut For Thick Hair


demetriusschool via Instagram

Asymmetrischer Pixie-Schnitt für dickes Haar

Still think that nothing can whip your unruly thick locks into perfect shape? Let this asymmetrical pixie prove otherwise. When creating this style, your hairstylist will change the thickness of the edges to make them manageable for styling while leaving a lot of fullness and volume on the top.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut For Thin Hair


thamifsr via Instagram

Asymmetrischer Pixie Cut für dünnes Haar #asymmetrischer Pixie #Shorthair #Pixiehaircut #Haircuts #Blackhair

While thin hair is usually considered as real styling disaster, for a pixie cut it’s not a problem at all. Moreover, the softer your hair is, the more flexible styling routine it offers. So the short, outweighed side and a longer, framing top will do a great job to your fine locks.

Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut


emilygodet via Instagram

Wellenförmiger, asymmetrischer Pixie-Schnitt

Yes, the asymmetrical pixie has many faces, and when its mood is all about girliness, nothing can compare to it. You can keep the side portion as it is and focus on the texture on top, giving it a lovely wavy body.

Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut


chloenbrown via Instagram

Messy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut #asymmetrischpixie #kurzhaar #pixiehaircut #haarschnitte #messyhair

For a casual look, look no further messy pixies. Not only do such styles express a cool, confident attitude but also get the most out of your texture, showing that you’re a woman who knows how to rock trends.
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